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A Visit from the Goon Squad - Jennifer Egan I lost interest so many times whilst reading this book that I would tend to give it one star, but I did enjoy some of the stories, so I decided upon two stars. A lot of readers seem to love this novel, but I just couldn't see what's to love about it.

While there were a couple of interesting stories, I wasn't impressed by any in particular. Not many memories, images or feelings were left upon me after parting with this book. The shifting perspective was quite tiring, and the fact that the stories were somehow related didn't help much. I was just glad that the book was over. Maybe this happened because I'm not an American and I couldn't relate to all the stuff happening there. Or maybe I found nothing that could be of interest to me.

In Jennifer Egan's novel, almost everybody is depressed and has a shitty life, there are lots of drugs, booze and divorces... I have nothing against any of these, if they were turned into a smart piece of literature, but I just couldn't perceive it that way. Maybe this book is a truthful mirror of American society and I am totally ignorant, in which case it may be a good novel. It's just not for me.

{This reminds me of another book that I've read recently and that I really liked - [b:The Noodle Maker|1797217|The Noodle Maker|Ma Jian|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1311971333s/1797217.jpg|311956] by Ma Jian, also with interconnecting stories (which was a novelty for me). Here, the transition is easy to follow, the whole narrative flows smoothly and the author managed to keep me interested.}