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The Howling Miller - Arto Paasilinna This book was pretty amazing, and different. I'm still brooding over the ending. It's not exactly a happy one, but neither it is sad. It has the same small touch of fantasy as the entire novel.
Except for the description of how a mill works, which bored me a little, the rest of the novel is gripping, the kind of story which makes me live inside it, suffering and rejoicing along with the characters.

A mysterious, tall man buys the old mill in a northern Finnish village. His past is unknown and his behavior strange: his mood shifts from depression, when he is grumpy and isolated, to happiness, when he holds parties at the mill, imitating animals and neighbors. Soon, he begins to upset people with his loud howling during the night. He appears to be different and this cannot be understood by his fellow villagers, who begin to think he is insane. It's obvious that Gunnar Huttenen is not entirely normal, but he doesn't harm anyone with his peculiarities.

Soon, the events begin to precipitate and people's cruel nature surfaces, deciding the miller's fate. God, how I hated those stupid and petty bastards! Fortunately, there are a few kind-hearted people in that village who will try to help the miller, including a policeman, who shows more compassion than the priest.
I won't say anything more, in order not to spoil the story. But you should read this book, it's worth the time spent in its company.