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Unwind - Neal Shusterman I had high hopes for this book, seeing the high ratings it gets, but it disappointed me on almost every level, starting with the poor writing and ending with the feebly-constructed plot. It is probably a decent novel for readers under the age of 16, but even so, there are a lot of books that target young adults and are a smart, rewarding read.

The concept of unwinding is a very interesting one, yet poorly explored. I must praise two facts, though: 1)the idea that unwinding has put a hold on medical progress, because instead of healing, there is the easier path of replacing the ailing body parts and 2)the description of this process was the only thing that touched me in this novel.

The author doesn't bother to outline a picture of this future world when the events are taking place. It's quite funny that he throws some phrases from time to time, like ancient I-Pods that grandparents used to have or pigment injections for changing eye-color. I mean, why bother give us some glimpses to a different world that we don't actually come to know? It would have been fine to keep the world as we know it and just assign the medical changes to a near future.

The plot is really childish and has plenty of holes. With a few exceptions, I couldn't let go of the critical rise of the eyebrow and truly be swept into the story. The building of the plot had no actual high peak, I could always find something to complain about, which would ruin it for me.

The actions were not believable, including the way the parents chose to dispose of their own children. It's really, really hard to swallow this idea, no matter how bad their offsprings were. Connor's story just doesn't stand up in my opinion, but Lev and Risa have a more reliable explanation behind.

Unwind is ok if you are looking for something really light, but if you want a smart read, I definitely not recommend this one. And if you are 15, go ahead and read it, until you can still enjoy it! :)