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The Magic Mountain
Thomas Mann, John E. Woods
The Hooligan's Return: A Memoir
Norman Manea, Angela Jianu
Night Shift - Stephen King I liked about half of these stories. The others were interesting enough, but not mind-blowing. I noticed I was not touched by those in which devilish objects were involved (The Mangler, Trucks, The Lawnmower Man).

My favorites, more or less in order:

Jerusalem’s Lot - seems to be a prequel to Salem's Lot, which I plan to read soon. This one was really creepy and deserves 5 stars.
Children of the Corn - what can happen if you go off the main road and stumble upon a deserted village. The wise thing is to drive as far and possible and not stop to investigate! 5 stars, too.
I Am the Doorway - sometimes you can come back from a space travel with something more, which starts to manifest in a strange and far from friendly way...
The Ledge - This story was so intense that I was averting my eyes like I was watching a movie! The ending was rewarding, though.
One for the Road - I understand this is a sequel to Salem's Lot.
Gray Matter - what can happen if you drink beer from a punctured can (you know, bacteria and stuff).
Night Surf - a post-apocalyptic story about a few survivors of a very common illness.
Quitters, Inc. - if you want to quit smoking, you could contact Quitters, Inc., although I don't recommend it, as their methods are far from being normal.
I Know What You Need - if a girl finds the man of her dreams, there's definitely something wrong with him!
The Last Rung on the Ladder - this was less a strange story and more a lesson on what people expect from you and the consequences of not fulfilling it.
The Boogeyman - if your children tell you there's something in the closet, you should better listen to them. Better still, move out of the house!