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Fear and Trembling - Amélie Nothomb, Adriana  Hunter I have to admit that I've avoided Amélie Nothomb until now because of her face: printed on every book cover, it didn't inspire me to trust her writing. My mind works in strange ways sometimes.
The curiosity got the better of me though, so now I must admit that I may have been wrong... I've immediately took to this book! I like the writing style and the humor, but I'll have to finish it in order to form a more accurate opinion about Amélie Nothomb.

So... I must admit I was definitely wrong. I loved her writing, her humor, so now I am eager to read more of her books. Fear and Trembling was a surprising insight into life in a Japanese corporation, but also into a Japanese woman's way of thinking and behaving. I was truly amazed and at the same time I wondered whether the same facts apply to the new generations of women in Japan.

On a side note: she talks about the perfect Japanese nose, so I googled it. Some unexpected results showed up: I found out there is a device to straighten and even lift a nose (does it really work?!):


I also found out about the longest nose in history, measuring 19 cm and belonging to Thomas Wedders, an 18th century Yorkshireman who worked in a sideshow for a circus. :))