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Life of Pi - Yann Martel I'll have to admit that the best part of "Life of Pi" was the story of the boy struggling to survive adrift on the Pacific, along with a tiger in his boat. It's a really great story and, for that alone, the book deserves to be read. Yet, I was unable to enjoy it until the animal massacre was over - I even considered abandoning the book. People suffering, I can handle this to a degree. But an animal in pain simply tears the heart out of me. This violence had a point, though, and I only understood it while reading the end of the book.

Another aspect that I liked was that I found out a bunch of interesting stuff about wild animals and zoo keeping. And also about animal behaviour, which could be well translated into human world.

What I liked the least was Pi's quest for God and his experience with several religions. The idea was interesting enough, only the way it was presented was boring - I thought those chapters would never end. And there were those endless Indian religious and culinary terms - I looked some of them up on Google images, but I can't say I really learnt anything.

Now, I wonder if I'll be able to read Knut Hamsun's "Hunger", as I know it will be a tough read. I'll try, at least.