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Love in the Time of Cholera - Gabriel García Márquez My first experience with Márquez (Of Love and Other Demons) was not so successful, probably because I was too young, so for many years I have avoided to touch any of his books. Since I didn't want to be stuck with that oppinion, I've decided to give it another try and, wow, was I amazed!

I couldn't believe my eyes, I felt like I had discovered a pot of gold! I was fascinated by Márquez' poetry of writing, by his abundant imagination (although a bit sick at times), by the powerful building of the characters. Márquez is a wizard of words: feelings, objects, body parts, landscapes, they are all described in an unique and poetic manner, one that I haven't come upon until now. I read the book slowly, carefully digesting every word, as I had the feeling that every detail was of utmost importance. Because of that, the book seemed a bit too long, but it was worth it.

My reading experience was like this: every time I came upon something I liked, I put the book aside and started to talk out loud: "How beautiful! Oh my God, it's amazing! How come that I have avoided Márquez all this time? I can't believe it!". I drove my boyfriend nuts.
So yes, sometimes it's good to go back and reconsider your oppinion, especially if the book was read a long time ago.