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Interpreter of Maladies - Jhumpa Lahiri Wow! I finished this book with tears in my eyes - the last story, The Third and Final Continent was really moving and powerful, at the same time being the perfect ending for this book, which talks about the lives of ordinary Indians, most of them immigrants in America or England.

No matter how banal a life is, there are always things that are worth telling, but only a good story-teller will make them extraordinary. This is Jhumpa Lahiri's gift - while normal people would utter some unpretentious phrases which will soon be forgotten, she accounts for the moment in such a way that it becomes memorable.

Some of the stories are sad, but it was not the kind of sadness that took hold of me, but the other kind, that made me thoughtful. At first, not knowing what to expect, I waited for some tragedies to happen, but nothing appalling took place, so I was quite relieved that the characters were not heading for disaster.

The novelty of the Indian customs and food was a definite point in liking this book even more, but the author didn't make abuse of this aspect (although I wouldn't have minded). The food was making my mouth water, I wanted to google every dish that was presented there and I felt compelled to cook something tasty right then!
Food is also a kind of link in this book, because it is present in every story, more or less. Indian food, that is.

For the first time, I can't choose a favorite from these stories - there were at least five of them that I found amazing. Interpreter of Maladies was amongst them, of course.