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Time Out of Joint - Philip K. Dick I picked this book from my brother's library, while I was visiting my parents in my home town. He used to be a SF fan back in high-school, too bad he didn't have any idea what books to buy, thus Time Out of Joint seemed the most appealing novel from the stack.

Being my first PKD read, I didn't know what to expect. I was cautious at first, not sure about the domestic scenes that seemed to stretch a little bit too much, but my patience was eventually rewarded, as the plot began to unfold and from then on I was hooked.
Ragle Gumm is a very important person, even though he doesn't know it. The things he takes for granted may not be quite as he perceives them to be. Not even the people around him know the truth, with some exceptions. A series of discrepancies begins to happen and he slowly heads toward some incredible discoveries...

It seems to me that this book might have inspired a certain famous movie, but telling its name (like other readers do around here shamelessly) is almost like spilling the plot. But hey, even the English description steals some of the surprises that PKD has on store!