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Ubik - Philip K. Dick, Ştefan Ghidoveanu Ubik was a challenging read for me: at first, it was difficult to get a grip on the world imagined by PKD, so I had to leaf back and reread some paragraphs. Towards the middle I was utterly frustrated, because I couldn't understand what was going on and I felt that the meaning was constantly slipping through my fingers - I rarely get that feeling with a novel, I was actually furious. In the end, when I was finally sure that I got everything, I was thrown out of track again. Not disappointed, though. It is a really good SF book.

It was interesting to bump into telepaths again, like I was reading a sequel to Bester's The Demolished Man. They were not under the spotlight in Ubik though, but I liked that the work of another writer widened an universe that was already formed in my mind by Bester, who actually wrote first about telepaths.